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Class: CheckoutTest

Source Location: /tests/CheckoutTest.php

Class Overview


Testing Order modifiers at checkout.



  • 1.0


  • Copyright (c) 2011, Frank Mullenger



Class Details

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Testing Order modifiers at checkout.

Summary of tests: ----------------- checkout published product unpublish product after it is in the cart cannot checkout delete product after it is in the cart cannot checkout add variation then disable the variation, cannot checkout add variation to cart then delete variation cannot checkout submit checkout without products in cart checkout with product that has attributes, without a variation set submit checkout without necessary details submit checkout without specifying payment gateway

TODO ---- process payment send receipt checkout addresses correct when attribute deleted cannot checkout variation when attribute deleted previous orders keep data


author:  Frank Mullenger <frankmullenger@gmail.com>
version:  1.0
copyright:  Copyright (c) 2011, Frank Mullenger

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Class Variables

static $disable_themes =  true

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Type:   mixed

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static $fixture_file =  'swipestripe/tests/Shop.yml'

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Type:   mixed

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static $use_draft_site =  false

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Type:   mixed

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Class Methods

method getFormData [line 77]

Array getFormData( String $formID)

Helper to get data from a form.


String   $formID  

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method logOut [line 67]

void logOut( )

Log current member out by clearing session

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method setUp [line 37]

void setUp( )

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method testCheckoutWithDeletedProduct [line 193]

void testCheckoutWithDeletedProduct( )

Try to checkout a deleted product

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method testCheckoutWithDeletedVariation [line 304]

void testCheckoutWithDeletedVariation( )

Try to checkout a deleted variation

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method testCheckoutWithDisabledVariation [line 245]

void testCheckoutWithDisabledVariation( )

Try to checkout a disabled variation

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method testCheckoutWithoutPaymentGateway [line 503]

void testCheckoutWithoutPaymentGateway( )

Try checking out an order without specifying a payment gateway

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method testCheckoutWithoutProducts [line 362]

void testCheckoutWithoutProducts( )

Try to checkout without products added to the order

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method testCheckoutWithoutRequiredFields [line 455]

void testCheckoutWithoutRequiredFields( )

Try to submit the checkout form without some required fields

Assumes that billing FirstName is always required

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method testCheckoutWithoutRequiredVariation [line 395]

void testCheckoutWithoutRequiredVariation( )

Try to checkout with a product that requires a variation, without a variation in the cart

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method testCheckoutWithPublishedProduct [line 101]

void testCheckoutWithPublishedProduct( )

Create product and check basic attributes

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method testCheckoutWithUnpublishedProduct [line 141]

void testCheckoutWithUnpublishedProduct( )

Try to checkout an unpublished product

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